Reflection 11/19

On Tuesday Dr. Sheffield went over a really cool power point on our digital identities. She started it out showing us a TED video basically about how easy it is for others to find us online. Then she talked about tracking and cookies. I learned that cookies are the digital codes stored in your browser. We also talked about the only way to completely opt out of tracking is to not get on your phone or internet at all. In today’s society, that is nearly impossible. So Dr. Sheffield went over ways to secure your information because there are password crackers that can guess common passwords up to 55 characters long in just seconds. She told us about many password schemas that can be used to ensure that nobody cracks your password. I thought that was very cool the way she makes her passwords having to do with information about astronauts. We talked about ORM which can make positive reviews for you and your site or company. We also talked about data after death. There is a site called where you can leave a special message to send on your social networks after you die. It is kind of creepy but I might would think about doing something like that. I really enjoyed the lecture this day. It informed me of a lot of tools on the web that I was unaware of. I also learned how to secure my passwords better to keep from being hacked into or tracked.


Interning Close to Home

This Friday I didn’t go into the station but I did get to go to Troy for the AISA State Championship game to watch my brother play. This is a picture of us. He plays for Clarke Prep and ended up losing to Edgewood Academy. I called in the score to my station for Randy Patrick to add into their sideline show.


Downtown Mobtown

This is a picture of the beautiful Saenger Theater in downtown Mobile. I went out and helped one of our photogs and a reporter shoot a live shot in front of the theater about the grand opening after their shutting down for renovations. It was at night and the lights were so beautiful on the building so I snapped this shot. I felt like I was downtown back in the 50s.



Last Friday I went with reporter Blake Brown to Fairhope where they were having a big Jubilee. Food, games, fun and a chance to meet the cast of Duck Dynasty were all going on. Blake had to do a live shot during the meet and greet with Phil, Kay, Si and Korie Robertson so I got to take his press pass and camera and film them for him. Since I am just an intern and the cast were being rushed to get out, I didn’t get my picture taken with them. I had to snap a picture of the reporters with them. But I did snap this shot on my phone. This is how close I was to them. It was such a surreal experience. They were so kind. Phil Robertson even pointed and winked at me. My day was made! I love Duck Dynasty and am thankful for my internship.


Friends in Low Places

Through my internship I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Wu. he is a board member of the United States Olympic Boxing Team who was in Mobile to receive an award for sports. He is also a millionaire at the least. We went out with Mr. Randy Patrick to downtown Prichard and met the owner of a super cool boxing academy where they help keep kids off of the street and teach them how to have confidence and fight respectably.It was a really amazing experience for me. This is a picture of Dr. Wu, the owner of the boxing academy and me in the boxing academy.


Reflection 11/12 & 11/14

On Tuesday Dr. Sheffield presented a lecture on a power point about registering a website and showed us ways to look up domains with our names. We saw how we could buy them so that no one else could have the same one as you. You could have the rights to that site. A few people decided that they wanted to buy the rights to their own name site but I do not really think that I care about it enough to do that. 

Thursday we listened to two web discussions. The first was on YouVersion which is simply a free Bible app. It has 39 different translations that you can read the Bible in as well as in multiple different languages. There are also different reading plans that the app offers for you to read the Bible in a certain amount of days. There is also places for you to write notes and watch live events. I have the app and I really like it for times when I don’t have my Bible and need a word of encouragement. 

The second web discussion was on Twitter. Twitter is an extremely popular app that allows you to send out 140 character messages to your followers. Most everybody has twitter and I personally love it. I’m pretty addicted. We had a good discussion on ways it could improve. There weren’t many ways that we think it needs improvement other than being able to open Instagram pictures easier. 

Reflection 11/5 & 11/7

On Tuesday, we continued working on our web project by filling in a sheet of specific updates we could work on for our site. Mrs. Sheffield also gave us a new site we could use as a background for our site and the rest of the class we worked on our project, filling out our sheet and exploring new background templates. 

Thursday we had two presentations from Liliana and Clarissa. Clarissa went first and talked about the iPad. She talked about how iPads are great for every audience for sharing and enjoying music, videos, movies and taking notes. Its purpose is to take the place of a portable computer so you don’t have to lump around a big laptop around with you. We also got into a great discussion about iPads vs tablets. Most people just agreed that they like whatever they are used to better. For instance, if you like apple products, the iPad is better, and if you are used to android then another tablet would be best. 

Liliana talked about LinkedIn which is a network for professionals to be able to find you for a job. It’s a way for professionals to connect mainly. I definitely need to get an account soon to help get a job. We had a big discussion on whether or not we think that LinkedIn will turn into a social network like Facebook or not.  

Compliments From the Boss Man

This past Wednesday Randy Patrick asked me to help edit a VO (voice over) for him to use in his cast of a Mobile native who won a NASCAR race. That was pretty simple and after that he asked me to go with him and a photographer to St. Paul’s High School where I helped him interview an Alabama and an Auburn recruit, as well as News 5’s player of the week.  I then was able to do a stand up on my own. Mr. Randy helped direct it and it only took me two tries to get it nearly perfect. When i finished he kind of did a little shout like “HEY HEY good job!” I was on cloud nine. I couldn’t believe that he was impressed by it. I couldn’t stop smiling either. It was a great day! 

Reflection Post 10/21

Tuesday we did a worksheet activity on Coffecup using css. It was hard and confusing to do at first but once Mrs. Sheffield starting helping and we used the book to guide us, the assignment became easier and I started working at a faster pace. We learned how to do tasks such as change the font family for the whole project, change the font size from pixels to percentage, change text indentation and many more cool tasks. I felt like I was definitely learning something when I had finished for the day. 

On Thursday I did my project on Vine and I talked about how it is an entertaining, 6 second, looping video app created by Twitter. I was nervous but I think that I got my point across about vine pretty decently and how the site has shaped our society, especially with how fast it has grown. We also had a presentation on Untappd which is basically a craft beer app for fellow craft beer drinkers can share what beers they are drinking. You can discover cool, new, independently owned beer. You can also post about when you drink a type of beer and rate how it tasted to you and sign in at the place that you tried it. The site also describes the beer into detail. For example whether it is a lager or an ale. I think that the site is a really cool one but it could definitely improve by having more exposure because I had never heard of it before this class.



This is a shot of me from Faith Academy practice football field. Randy Patrick was trying to get me to be able to say the full Channel 5 Player of the Week bit. I kept messing up because it was so much. They laughed at me but hopefully I can get better and do it next time. A bump in the road but I’m still learning.