I am lazy and a huge procrastinator, naturally, but I knew I could not do that when applying for an internship for this Fall semester. Megan sparks, the Department of Communication internship coordinator strongly suggested I apply at a certain channel in Mobile. Well early this Summer, I emailed inquiring about the position. I never received a reply so I emailed again. When I still had no reply, I decided to go up to the station. I was told to apply online and they would get up with me. Finally I had an interview set up. I left the interview feeling very bad about it. She did not really ask questions that normally would be asked. It lasted five minutes tops and I left feeling like she had already chosen someone else. She said she would call the following Monday to let me know but I never received a call. My advisor was the one to break the news to me through a text message. I was upset but went straight back to Mrs. Sparks and asked what next. She was so helpful, called WKRG 5 right away and they said that they would fit me right on in. I was so ecstatic.

This Wednesday was my first meeting with the internship coordinator at WKRG 5. I went into the station and knew that it felt like home already. I was introduced to everyone who worked there and they were so very friendly and made me feel at ease. I even was allowed to watch their five o’clock news show. I came back that following Friday and was allowed to attend two local football games with a person who takes video highlights of the game for the friday night sideline show. It was such a fun experience. We stood on the sidelines to watch the game and I felt important. I even helped write some of the captions that would appear on the actual show at the bottom of the screen.

I honestly did not know what this blog was going to be about but now that I for sure have an internship, it will be about my life as a full time student and my internship at WKRG 5.


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