Reflection Post (1) week of 09/16

During the past week I learned about many subjects that I had no idea about prior to class. In Tuesdays class session, we worked on our own with html. I have truthfully found an interest in learning how to make my own webpage. It has been quite rewarding. I feel as if I am more computer savvy. We learned more in depth of how to add links using the href attribute. Two examples of links is that I can now put a link to my email on my website page. I can also link another website to my page. We also learned how to make tables and change the color, width and height of those tables. Honestly, this was a little tricky for me so I will have to keep practicing to remember exactly how to do it.

We had two presentations on Thursday as well. The first was on the website titled StumbleUpon. It was very interesting because I had honestly never even heard of a site like that that existed. Josetta told us of how you can choose certain topics that interest you and then the site gives suggestions of certain pages, jokes, quotes, etc that you may be interested in. I think that I might actually give it a try.

Brett then informed us about the site he chose called The Berrics. You could just see the passion he had about this site and skateboarding in the way he presented his discussion about the site with the class. Skateboarding is not something that I ever wish to do or try so the website will not be a place that I go to, but, he kept me interested. I can definitely see how it is a helpful site for skaters who wish to watch videos of cool, new tricks, or want to purchase skating gear and apparel, or just kind of feel like a skate family through this site. He made me aware of the fact that skateboarders are definitely stigmatized and don’t have as much recognition as they should. I hope that one day this will change!


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