I made air time, ya’ll!

Last week at WKRG 5 was a very exciting week for me. I came in to work 3 nights instead of 2. Wednesday was a sort of blah day, but on Thursday I went out to help film the Leflore vs Murphy football game at Ladd Peebles stadium. When I came back into the studio, Randy Patrick asked me to edit together highlights of the game so he could show as a voice over while he talked on his sideline show at 10:15 that night. I put together a sequence that included an opening shot, a shot of Murphy scoring a touchdown, then a cutaway of a little boy throwing the football on the sidelines, then Murphy scoring a touchdown and finally Murphy jogging off the field in victory. He said that I did a good job, but he tweaked a few things in the shots and gave me advice on how to do it a little bit better. For the most part he was impressed in how quickly I put it together and he loved the shot of the little kid as a cutaway. So my highlight was in fact good enough to air on live tv. It was pretty exciting for me.


On Friday, I went out with a reporter named Blake Brown who was investigating an MGM student that was assaulted by a teacher. In this story I was able to hold the microphone as Blake asked questions to the student. I even added in one question of my own. Then when we came back into the studio, Blake had a live shot inside the actual editing room and I was in the background typing as he was talking on air. Then it went into his package and whenver it came back onto him for his tag, or closing sentence, I walked across the news room with papers in my hand on live television.


I had people tweet and write on my facebook wall how they saw me on tv. It was pretty cool.










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