Reflection 10/10

This week we were out for Fall break on Tuesday, but we did have class on Thursday. We introduced our project proposals that we had to write and turn in at the beginning of class. I learned that our class is full of many ambitious and interesting people. My favorite one was the wedding planning website. I think that the lady who designed it has a great imagination and a lot of great ideas. I am not in any way close to being married but this still interested me for some reason. I also noticed that a lot of people in our class are very interested in wake/skate boarding which now has peaked my interest. I would like to try it. Other projects I remember were multiple Broadcast Journalism portfolio pages to get hired. All of these had great ideas for their pages. For example, they all wanted to make a page to put video on to showcase their packages and anchoring talents. Everyone also wanted their cover page to include photos of them for future employers. I think that this is a great idea and I plan to use it for mine as well.

I am excited about my project because I am going to be using it as a potential website for future employers. I am going to have 5 pages of information regarding my future goals as a broadcast journalist, specifically a sports journalist. If news stations are looking for a sports reporter, they will be able to see my page and possibly hire me. They could see examples of my past projects and my resume thus far.


2 thoughts on “Reflection 10/10

  1. I agree, there were a lot of interesting proposals in class that day! I think the professional portfolios are such a great idea, especially for broadcast journalism majors! It will be such a great way for the broadcast people to get their work out there in an organized manner. I would like to see how all of the sites turn out! Some were proposals very ambitious, mostly the broadcast journalists if I remember correctly. I’m sure they will turn out really great! Good luck on yours!

  2. I am pretty happy also with my website i designed, i spent some time working on it. I wanted to keep it simple as i could so it would be clear for someone who does not skateboard. I plan to use this website designer for designing wooden heart an official website with a lot of detailed information. The only official website that wooden heart is via Facebook.

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