Reflection Post 10/21

Tuesday we did a worksheet activity on Coffecup using css. It was hard and confusing to do at first but once Mrs. Sheffield starting helping and we used the book to guide us, the assignment became easier and I started working at a faster pace. We learned how to do tasks such as change the font family for the whole project, change the font size from pixels to percentage, change text indentation and many more cool tasks. I felt like I was definitely learning something when I had finished for the day. 

On Thursday I did my project on Vine and I talked about how it is an entertaining, 6 second, looping video app created by Twitter. I was nervous but I think that I got my point across about vine pretty decently and how the site has shaped our society, especially with how fast it has grown. We also had a presentation on Untappd which is basically a craft beer app for fellow craft beer drinkers can share what beers they are drinking. You can discover cool, new, independently owned beer. You can also post about when you drink a type of beer and rate how it tasted to you and sign in at the place that you tried it. The site also describes the beer into detail. For example whether it is a lager or an ale. I think that the site is a really cool one but it could definitely improve by having more exposure because I had never heard of it before this class.


2 thoughts on “Reflection Post 10/21

  1. I will agree with you about that CSS worksheet or activity sheet being a little difficult; but the book did help and guide us through that activity. I feel that we are all becoming more familiar with the Coffee Cup software and CSS because we are doing more hands on activities with it. I feel like you chose a great topic for your discussion. Vine, is hilarious and it kept everyone laughing and entertained. You stated great questions and comparisons to instagram videos; which had the class talking up a storm. And I agree that the craft beer project was very good, too. It makes me want to try craft beer, now.

  2. The text indentation thing messed me up on CoffeeCup because a random section was included in the area I chose to change. It just looked really weird.
    My brother is obsessed with Vine. I only watch it when he makes me.

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