Reflection 11/5 & 11/7

On Tuesday, we continued working on our web project by filling in a sheet of specific updates we could work on for our site. Mrs. Sheffield also gave us a new site we could use as a background for our site and the rest of the class we worked on our project, filling out our sheet and exploring new background templates. 

Thursday we had two presentations from Liliana and Clarissa. Clarissa went first and talked about the iPad. She talked about how iPads are great for every audience for sharing and enjoying music, videos, movies and taking notes. Its purpose is to take the place of a portable computer so you don’t have to lump around a big laptop around with you. We also got into a great discussion about iPads vs tablets. Most people just agreed that they like whatever they are used to better. For instance, if you like apple products, the iPad is better, and if you are used to android then another tablet would be best. 

Liliana talked about LinkedIn which is a network for professionals to be able to find you for a job. It’s a way for professionals to connect mainly. I definitely need to get an account soon to help get a job. We had a big discussion on whether or not we think that LinkedIn will turn into a social network like Facebook or not.  


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