Reflection 11/12 & 11/14

On Tuesday Dr. Sheffield presented a lecture on a power point about registering a website and showed us ways to look up domains with our names. We saw how we could buy them so that no one else could have the same one as you. You could have the rights to that site. A few people decided that they wanted to buy the rights to their own name site but I do not really think that I care about it enough to do that. 

Thursday we listened to two web discussions. The first was on YouVersion which is simply a free Bible app. It has 39 different translations that you can read the Bible in as well as in multiple different languages. There are also different reading plans that the app offers for you to read the Bible in a certain amount of days. There is also places for you to write notes and watch live events. I have the app and I really like it for times when I don’t have my Bible and need a word of encouragement. 

The second web discussion was on Twitter. Twitter is an extremely popular app that allows you to send out 140 character messages to your followers. Most everybody has twitter and I personally love it. I’m pretty addicted. We had a good discussion on ways it could improve. There weren’t many ways that we think it needs improvement other than being able to open Instagram pictures easier. 


One thought on “Reflection 11/12 & 11/14

  1. Im am with you on that i really do not care for it! but i do see how it can be effective, or kinda helpful and professional in a way. but till then eh! im not paying the 17.99 for it..

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